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Our Workshops
Our next workshop starts Sept 26th at the Phoenix Center for the Arts
1202 N 3rd St Phoenix

Register today! Fill out the attached application below and
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Our workshops, generally for young women ages 10-18, introduce and build on the concepts needed for jazz improvisation and performance. We take each student at their current level or “where they are” and using the language necessary to navigate a simple blues, we progress from there. The tools we teach include listening, instrumental and vocal call and response, and the proper use of chords, scales, rhythm, and melody for improvisation. We navigate through simple jazz tunes and learn to play as an ensemble. We have all students start improvising short solos. Students are given handouts with all the necessary information covered in our class, and lists of resources.

Phoenix Jazz Girls Rising

Fall Jazz Class

Tuesdays 6 - 7:45 PM

September 26 - November 14th

Ending concert, November 14th

Phoenix Center for the Arts

1202 N 3rd St Phoenix

Tuition :   $120

Financial Aide available, contact Director, Claudia Bloom

Bring your instrument! Bravery is encouraged in our supportive environment. Jazz is not a magical skill, so start to learn the language and play jazz!
Our instructors come from both classical and jazz university backgrounds, with lots of live experience playing in all sorts of venues. We can help young women at any level.

Why Girls and Jazz?

PJGR was started because there are very few places where young women can learn and practice jazz in an environment that is supportive and collaborative. Women that study in traditional jazz ensembles tend to be overlooked and are not really given the chance to grow as a musician. There are few female mentors and no real encouragement to achieve the next level of performance. Many drop out, and it still happens at prestigious jazz schools.

The instructors at PJGR encourage our students to study the tools necessary to perform successfully and then use those tools to make your voices heard.

Phoenix Jazz Girls Rising

Fall Jazz Class registration form. 

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