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Phoenix Jazz Girls Rising is a 501C3 nonprofit organization focusing on jazz education for girls ages 10 to 18. We emphasize creativity, and we build our female jazz community one student at a time. We believe all young women that want to study jazz have a place with us.


We’re excited to offer another workshop during winter break. It is free and open to any student interested in learning improvisation or improving their jazz skills. The workshop will be held Dec. 28 - 30 in Tempe. 

Our next class, MUP183, at South Mountain Community College starts on January 14th. Register now

Any questions contact Claudia Bloom.


Phoenix Jazz Girls Rising is designed to teach young female musicians the basics of jazz, improvisation, and how to express their individuality through music. Students will study well known jazz tunes as well as song form and other basic musical concepts. ALL skill levels are welcome! 

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